Road-tripping, Rehab Ranch Style

Where do I start? First, I suppose I should apologize for being so delinquent in posting. But not much out of the ordinary has happened til recently. With summer approaching (read: pool is open), though, I suspect I’ll have more to write about. Last weekend I went on a road trip with My Cowboy (MC), Golden Child (GC), First Lady (FL) and my daughter. Still trying to decide on a nickname for her. As much as I’d like to call her Baby Girl (BG), after this weekend, I’m thinking Unimpressed and Diva (maybe UD) is better suited. 🙂 But I’ll get to that.

The Drive

So Friday evening was pretty quiet. Well for me anyway. I’d dropped my dog off at the vet for boarding, and was feeling quite lonely there at the real ranch. Let me explain…Rehab Ranch is located in the DFW area. There are always various assorted bullriders staying there at any given moment. The *real* working ranch is located about 40 minutes from Waco. After I got off work Friday, I headed over to the ranch to wait for everyone to get there. First Lady arrived first (naturally). 🙂 Poor thing drove in a horrid rainstorm and was drenched. Even worse, she had to listen to me talk her ear off because I was trying to keep my mind off my dog (1st time I’ve ever been separated from her) so I was horribly chatty. But she was as gracious as a real First Lady, so she let me rattle on while we waited. Our cowboys, MC and GC were in Paris (TX) at a bullriding. The original plan was to leave and head south as soon as they got in from the bullriding. Yeah right. They got in at 2:30 a.m. And after they got in, exhausted & sweaty & gross, they had to go out and find a calf. A cow had gotten separated from her baby during the bad storm and was bawling like crazy. So these 2 tired cowboys grabbed flashlights, got in the mule and took off searching. They eventually got the baby back to its mama and crashed around 3-3;30 a.m. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I read my library book (yes, I’m a nerd.). After a few hours sleep, we all got up and were on the road by 7 a.m.  We were headed to Orchard, TX for an Exclusive Genetics shindig. GC spoke to potential buyers about a deal EG had come up with….they had 3 bulls from Carillo Cartel and people had the opportunity to buy an interest in the bulls. The bulls will be sent to RP ranch and GC will raise them. We didn’t get to stay very long because we had to head to Uvalde and the weather was bad.  Junior Ranger(JR)  was sending us updates on the roads. JR and NV and a yet un-nicknamed new Rehab Rancher were sitting in traffic waiting for water to recede so they could get to the bullriding. After driving forever in the rain and after mentally contemplating whether we needed an ark or not, the weather finally subsided! Yay! We stopped in some town long enough for me to say “screw the diet” and get a Dairy Queen ice cream cone and to switch drivers. FL is the best backup driver ever, by the way.  This is the sign we saw as we drove through Hondo:


God Bless Texas!! Once I saw that sign, I knew we were in the homestretch and almost there. We finally rolled into Uvalde and got to check into the hotel and spend a whole 15 minutes relaxing until we had to head to the arena.

Round 1

We pulled up in back of the arena and parked where the riders and stock contractors all park. We had to sit around for a few minutes because GC only got one companion pass for the evening. I’m not much for waiting around doing nothing, but in this case it was ok. We got to see other riders as they pulled in and got to chat with them. MC and GC got to talk to JW about the BIG BET (w/Bushwacker) coming up. A lot of teasing and ribbing was going on with that…  Anyway, 50 came up and gave all of us girls big hugs. I love it when the guys are nice to my daughter (the Unimpressed Diva, UD). She’s deaf, but that doesn’t stop any of these guys from trying to communicate with UD.  I couldn’t help  but grin and think to myself how many girls/women would LOVE to have 50 give them a big hug and how my daughter was completely unimpressed. ha! 50 and a couple other riders had made the trip alone, so we ended up with their companion passes and walked around to the front to enter after saying goodbye and good luck to the guys.

The arena was “fully covered” as JR described and pretty nice. But it was H-O-T. Ugghh. Oh well, such is the life… We got our seats and then one of the riders’ better half (BH) showed up with their son (love that kid!) and we all got ready to watch some bullriding. The event was good….except that GC had a piece o’ crap bull and didn’t even have a shot at riding it. He bucked off but other Rehab Ranchers represented well. After the event, the organizers of the event fed us all barbeque sandwiches—soooo yummy! Then we headed back to the hotel. Now I know some people think that bullriders always go out and party afterwards, and they all have individual rooms at the hotel.  This may be the case to some extent at the Big Time, but at this touring pro’s….yeah, not so much. They cram as many people into a room as possible. And after everyone drove through hell and high water (quite literally) to get there, NO ONE wanted to go out. lol I think we were all in bed and unconscious before 11 Saturday night. I know our crew was!

Sunday before the bullriding

On Sunday, MC, UD and I had breakfast fairly early. UD tried to go swimming for awhile, but it started raining. Again. <sigh> So UD and I commandeered the remote control from MC (a great feat, I assure you) and we watched ghost story shows on cable (it’s a weird bonding thing that my daughter and I do). MC took a nap. We eventually had to check out of the hotel but had several hours to kill. Being in Uvalde MC said “well, we really *should* eat Mexican food while we’re here…this close to the border.” So once again I blow my diet and say to heck with it! Our waittress at the restaurant knew very little English–always a good sign! The food was pretty darn tasty.  Afterwards, MC decided to take us on a drive to see some the infamous “Hill Country.” Oh my!!! Sooooo pretty!!!

We drove for about 40 minutes and then stopped and got out at the Rio Frio. It is a very aptly named river. It was freezing cold! I waded out to my knees and drug UD in with me. She did not appreciate my enthusiasm for the river. <ughh, teenagers!>


So we continued onward. I asked MC if we could stop somewhere so I could use the restroom but he conveniently didn’t hear me. After making a few more unladylike remarks (“I gotta peeeeee. NOW!), he stops. I had made the mistake of saying I wouldn’t mind doing the hop-a-squat thing I had to go so bad. Sooooooo…’s where he stops:


Stunning view!!! Absolutely breathtaking. But ladies, do we see anyplace for me to do my business? Nope, not there. So I looked across the road:


Very pretty….but nary a bush in sight for me find any privacy behind. <sigh>

So we get back on the road. The drive was so gorgeous. Well, what I could see of it….my eyes were tearing up terribly because I needed to go so bad. After MC passed 2 towns and several stores, he finally stoped in the middle of nowhere to go into this shop that sells summer sausage and jerky. I sprang out of the truck and almost hurtled a store employee to get to the bathroom.  After I finished up, I explored the shop a little. It was a neat place, and the staff was awesome. They gave us generous samples of this sausage stuff that was just delicious. As we checked out, I spied a baggie with “fire”-crackers in it. I looked at the cashier and said “Oh my! Are those firecrackers?” He said “yes ma’am.” I quickly snatched a bag up, saying “trust me, we HAVE to have some.” MC looked at me like I was slightly crazy but bought them for me anyway. 🙂 (He’s good like that.) So after getting on the road, he was like “what’s the big deal?” I just handed him one and let his taste buds do the rest. (I’ll post the recipe at the end of this blog. Trust me, you’ll love these.)

We then meandered along the back roads listening to classic country music, chatting about random favorite memories and enjoying the scenery. It was my idea of a perfect afternoon! We eventually got back to the arena and then waited for FL and BH. FL already had our companion passes for the night (cuz she’s awesome like that) so we went in and braced ourselves for the heat and round 2 of bullriding.

Round 2

I am not sure why round 2 seemed so much longer than round 1, but I swear it lasted 37 hours. JR and the announcer both did awesome jobs filling in the gaps and keeping things going. If it wasn’t for JR’s musical selections, I may have fallen asleep at some parts. Not during the riding, of course. There was just a lot of dead time between sections.  Here is UD portraying how she felt about the heat and sitting there in it:


She was NOT IMPRESSED. At this point, she wanted air conditioning and to go home. And this was taken BEFORE the event. Poor kid! Oh well, she toughed it out like the trooper she is and we settled down to watch the event.

Once again, the Rehab Ranchers represented. Unfortunately GC bucked off again. He seemed very frustrated. Which normally I would not think is a good thing. However, given his bet to ride Bushwacker, I think his frustration may be a good thing–he can take all that out on B-wack next weekend. Anyway, the bullriding was good…and then it was over. We all hung around for a bit afterwards chatting with different guys. MC broke out the summer sausage and everyone munched away. I had saved the last 3 firecrackers for FL and she chose not to share more than a bite with GC. hahaha  Once again, JW, GC and MC gathered to discuss the Big Bet.


I think they were discussing how JW was going to pay out – in 100s, 20s or nickels (as JW teasingly threatened on twitter later).

Driving Home

The guys finally quit chatting (they’re worse than a buncha junior high girls) and we got back on the road for the 5 hour drive home, leaving around 8ish. MC was listening to a classic country station that was doing a tribute for Memorial Day. The station was playing patriotic songs from the 50s forward. MC was entertaining us with stories of receiving his own draft notice and going through basic. We stopped once again at a different Dairy Queen. And yes, I once again said screw the diet and got a blizzard after eating my food. It was so delicious! We got back on the road, and MC continued to tell us stories about the songs that came on the radio. The highlight of the drive home happened when Kate Smith’s “God Bless America” came on the radio. MC made a point to tell us that they always used to say “it must be over…the fat lady’s singing” when he would hear this song as a young man <sigh>.  The highlight, though, happened as MC started singing in an overly dramatic falsetto. GC joined in. Then FL and I joined in just for the heck of it. So there we all are….singing at the top of our lungs in terrible falsetto. And then my *deaf* daughter shakes her head and starts messing with her ears like something is bothering her. While our falsetto voices were not high frequency enough to crack glass, we were apparently high frequency enough to traumatize my deaf child. lol!!  Poor UD!!! (Guess you probably had to be there to appreciate the moment.)

We eventually made it back after having to stop before Waco and let FL drive. I couldn’t keep my eyes open…neither could MC apparently, so the switch was made. FL got us home safely and I think we all fell asleep before our heads hit the pillow!!! It was about 2-2:30ish.

End Notes

Road-tripping was fun, but sheesh, we were worn out! We did NOTHING the next day. The life of a bullrider on the road going from touring pro to touring pro is sooooo not glamorous. So if any of ya’ll were thinking that is was, think again. It was an absolute whirlwind! It was fun, but furiously quick. I have a whole new respect for these guys. Maybe it’s easier on them because they’re younger, but I’m telling ya’ll, this sort of travel every weekend will make a person bone-weary. MC, GC and FL are off at a PRCA rodeo this weekend where GC is hauling bulls, not riding. I sat this one out. I’m still recovering from last weekend!!!  Hopefully I’ll write more now that summer is starting and, in theory, I have more time. We’ll see! Until then, make you some “fire”-crackers!

“Fire”-crackers –  I made a whole batch of these on Monday. Mine were even better than those we bought. 🙂

Saltines (I used 3 sleeves) – can be regular, whole wheat, reduced fat….whatever, they all taste good w/this recipe

1 to 1 1/2 cup oil (I used just 1 cup of olive oil since we’re trying to be a little healthier)

1 packet ranch dressing mix

1 tsp each:  garlic powder, onion powder

1/2 tsp: black pepper

3 tbsp crushed red pepper (I used a little more cuz I like it hot!)

Grab either a large ziploc bag OR in a big plastic container with a good lid (I used a the plastic container I normally put my banana pudding in because we were out of ziploc bags). Pour the oil in and then all the seasonings. If you’re using a ziploc, shake it up well. If you’re using a plastic container, mix it up with a fork/spoon/whatever. Next, load it up with crackers. If using the bag, shake away. If using a plastic container, flip it up and down and side to side. Either way, make sure all the crackers are coated well. In theory, shake it up every 15 minutes and serve after an hour.

In reality, I barely got them all coated before MC and I were munching on them. I served them with slices of sharp cheddar and the leftover summer sausage. It was so unbelievably good. And easy. And we like easy at Rehab Ranch! Enjoy!!!


Adventures of Platinum Annie – the Ranch Hand….Ole!


(Popgun from the Ruthless Pistol Ranch.)

I was so proud that My Cowboy and I got the 2 young bulls loaded pretty easily this morning and got them to the vet and back without too much drama. I was finally starting to think I may be getting the hang of this ranch hand stuff. And THEN My Cowboy (MC) had to go and say “hey, let’s drive those bulls up and pen them before we go eat.” I started having flashbacks to a few months ago when we attempted to do the same thing and I failed MISERABLY at it.

So I mentally steeled myself and off we went to drive the bulls up to the pen. The bulls were in a 2 acre enclosure that has a big stock pond in it (just some background info here). Long story short…after several failed attempts–the bulls kept basically running a circle around the pond, we split up. MC walked and I drove the mule and we tried to cut them off. That didn’t work. I don’t drive as aggressively as MC would like me too apparently. So then he came and grabbed the wheel & started driving over bumps really fast. I didn’t saw anything, just gave him a look. He said “hey, if you don’t like how I drive, you can just get out.”

Soooo…..there I am, in the middle of the pasture in my cheap Walmart flats that are covered in bullshit. I’m wearing my bright red sweater and wishing for some midol & a heating pad. Sorry, I know that’s way TMI, but  those that work with male animals will understand why I mentioned this. Soooo anywho…..I saw Death again (see my facebook post about Crazy Jack). Only this time Death was several bulls. Instead of hightailing it anywhere else but where I was, I froze. Mentally I was thinking up my backup plan–to jump in the stock tank and start swimming. Mind you, I don’t know how to swim. But that’s the only plan B I could come up with on short notice.

Popgun is the lead bull running at me and I’m sitting here thinking “I can’t believe I’m going to die in cheap Walmart flats…I hope Crazy Annie drives down here and puts me in some 5″ heels before they do the autopsy.”  I feebly put up my hands out in front of me and said something brilliant like “Shoo….bad bull, bad bullies….”  And you know what? They went around me! Yay!!!  I’m a GREAT matador right?  Ole!!! OK, so MC’s driving behind the bulls turning them off course so they didn’t run me down *might* have had something to do with my escape from Death. But let me have my moment please.  MC also wasn’t too thrilled about all this because he wanted me to turn the bulls around and head them towards the pen. Yeah right.

Anyway, he then tells me to hop in the mule, so I did. I didn’t argue about his driving this time. We then had a *great* discussion about our strategy. Right. MC really just spouted off stuff I didn’t understand or couldn’t hear over the pounding of my own heart and the mule’s motor. Somehow, and I don’t even remember how, I ended up on foot again.  And again the bulls headed in their circle around the stock pond towards me.

This time I asked myself, “WWSD?–What Would Shorty Do?” SHORTY(Shorty Gorham is a professional bullfighter for any of you who may not be familiar with PBR. He’s my fave!)  I started waving my hands back and forth and talking smack to Popgun. I was also moving side to side with that little sideways 2 step that bullfighters and idiots like me like to do. MC said I almost looked like I knew what I was doing….for a couple of seconds. High praise.

Popgun and crew still got by me that time, but I was getting the hang of it. I was also getting ticked and cranky from the pms. So the next time they came around, I had my hands on my hips (mad-mama style) and yelled at the bulls. They stood there and looked at me like I was an alien from another planet. I told them they needed to behave or I was going to have them on the grill tonight for dinner with a glass of wine. I boldly told them I wasn’t taking anymore of their crap.

Lo and behold, they actually shuffled off to the pen!!!!!!!!!! Do I totally rock or what???? Ok, ok, so *maybe* the bulls were just friggin’ exhausted from so many trips around the stock pond and *maybe* it had something to do with MC behind them shuffling them along.  But let’s let me have another moment. Ole!

MC ran up and slammed the pen’s gate after the last one shuffled over there and I thought “I wonder if hydrocodone AND alcohol would kill me?” Oh wait? Did I write that out loud? I mean, I thought “Gosh, MC and I are working hard and learning how to work as a team finally.” Right. Honestly, I actually thought “How soon can I get out of this place? I want my heating pad! But not til after lunch. MC owes me lunch for all this work by golly!”

MC still had to sort the bulls in the pens but I just sat on another trailer and supervised. And by supervised, I mean I just watched with my phone ready to dial 911 if the bulls ran him over. I was so done.

In the end, I finally got my “free lunch” and headed home. I am now relaxing with a glass of wine, a heating pad and some cookie dough. Don’t judge.

Rehab Ranch goes to San Antonio

Has it really been a month since we posted? Shame on us, CrazylilAnnie!!! We’ve been “researching” and “gathering data” to provide ya’ll with more stories. Yeah, that’s my story and I’m gonna stick with it!

Soooooo…..a little over a week ago I saw a tweet from #PBR that said yada-yada retweet to win tickets to San Antonio yada-yada-yada. So I randomly thought “Eh, what the heck. I’ll never win….they know who I am!” But I re-tweeted it anyway and went along my merry way. Well lo and behold, I find out the next day that I’ve won tickets to see the PBR (last) Saturday night in San Antonio. Mind you, I had no prior thoughts of venturing to San Antonio. My Cowboy was off in Wyoming, and I had planned to organize my bedroom closet and do other responsible (read: boring) grown-up stuff all weekend. Weeellllll….that all changed in the blink of an eye. By the time I really got to talk to CrazylilAnnie, she’d pretty much already booked us a room at the host hotel. #greatminds This is one of the many reasons I love her so much.  So I head to SA Friday afternoon and hang with non-PBR friends for the evening and rest up for the ensuing shenanigans.

On Saturday (while waiting for CLA) I go to an autograph signing where Golden Child is…  This is kind of a funny situation. I walk up going “Can I have your autograph???”  Since I’ve been dating his dad for quite awhile now, it’s just funny to think of GC as someone people want autographs from. Now don’t get me wrong, he works hard and can’t wait to get back on next year and prove he’s still got it…but it’s weird to me nonetheless. I guess when you’ve folded 10 loads of laundry for someone, you kinda get over that popularity/notoriety sorta thing.  But I chat with him and talk about catching up with him and his girlfriend–the First Lady–later.  Now you may wonder why I call her the First Lady–it’s totally my way of tipping my hat to her out of respect. She stuck by GC when he was injured and did EVERYTHING for him. And I mean EVERYTHING. She is the ultimate in girlfriends. She’s totally got the grace and beauty of Jackie O.—but with a can of whup-ass up her sleeve at all times. You gotta love/respect that in a girl! Anyway, Golden Child and I finish chatting and I go back to my friends’ house to wait for CLA to arrive.

After driving here in the rain the WHOLE way on the Highway from Hell (aka 35), I had a Shiner Bock waiting for her. After resting at my friends’ casa a few minutes, we headed downtown.  We barely have time to check in and get ready before it was time to head to the ATT Center. We decided we might drink while at the event so we were going to be responsible and take a cab. CLA–I think this is a sign we should never ever try to be responsible when attending a PBR event.   I’ll fill ya’ll in on that in a minute.

We get our awesome free tickets (thanks #PBR) and wander around for just a few minutes saying hi to familiar faces. After you go to a few of these events, you start picking out the regulars who attend. Which is cool. PBR fans are all pretty darn friendly so it’s fun to chat.  We eventually make our way to our seats and get ready for the evening’s competition. In all honesty, I don’t really remember much of the bullriding. Was anyone else even there besides JB Mauney and Asteroid?? I honestly don’t remember. I just remember JB picking Asteroid and LJ picking Bushwacker in the draft. I remember stating that I’ve been saying for 2 seasons now that LJ will be the first person to ride B-wack (since he’s matured…he HAS been ridden before, but it was when he was younger). CLA said “I wouldn’t know what to do if both of them rode tonight. I can’t even handle the thought…” (paraphrasing here). So it finally comes down to THE moment. About 3 seconds into the ride, I KNEW JB had him. I just had a gut feeling. CLA and I were both on our feet screaming like crazy women (ok, maybe we ARE crazy women). When we heard the buzzer, we turned to each other and both squealed “Oh my God, I can’t believe it! He really did it!!!!”  It was magical. Unfortunately LJ didn’t fare as well, but hey, I stand by my prediction that if B-wack is ridden this year it will be by LJ. If he’s ridden next year, it will be by Golden Child. Mark my words.

So we exit the ATT Center in a state of euphoria and began the long trek to the the line for taxis. Wouldn’t you know it, just as we get close to the horribly long line (about a 100 deep), it starts to rain. Not just a nice little shower, but like a dam bursting forth. The taxi line was near this convention center building on the property and there was a bit of an overhang so we clung to the side of the building. For over an hour. An hour and 15 minutes of pure misery–diluted only by a large dose of fear as we watched lightning get closer and saw the wind blow the rain sideways.  But alas, we eventually got our drowned-rat little bodies into a taxi and headed to the hotel. Of course, our hair and make-up was ruined, but NOT our spirits. Ya’ll know us too well for that. So what do we do?

We go up to our room, spend quality time with the hair dryer, re-apply makeup and put on dry clothes. Then we marched back down to the hotel bar where everyone (and I mean EVERYONE that had any connection to PBR–fan, employee, etc.) was at and we proceeded to party like the rock stars we are. This is where we connected with other Rehab Ranchers and felt like we were back at the Ranch just hanging out. We spent most of our time with Lucky Charms and the wonderful/amazing/beautiful Sunny, his girlfriend (whom I adore if you can’t tell).  GC and First Lady saw us and came to check on us and make sure we hadn’t drowned in the rain. So we hung with them for awhile too.

But poor CLA had Random Guy hitting on her. At first it was cool, cuz he was kind of cute. But you know how after you talk to someone for a bit, you start thinking “No chance in HELLLL buckaroo!!!” So she spent a lot of her evening trying to get rid of him. While she was busy trying to untangle herself Random Guy, I made the horrible mistake of doing a Jaeger Bomb with LC and other various assorted people. BAD mistake. I had been drinking beer all night and was teetering over the edge of tipsy. This pushed me well over into the drunken range. But I was happy…other than exclaiming that I wished My Cowboy was here about every 5 minutes (I probably annoyed people w/that. Oops!)

Then the bartenders did something really mean. They closed the bar at 1 a.m. WHAT??? What’s that all about? Bars in Texas close at 2 a.m., everyone knows that. But never fear, some other PBR peeps had it covered. They had ordered some beer and invited us to party on the patio(there was a lull in the rainstorm) with them. Poor CLA just *thought* she’d get rid of Random Guy then. But noooooo….he followed her out on the patio and invited himself to the party. NOT cool. But we all hang out and still have a pretty good time. I think I saw NV at one point start to take off his shirt. But I could have just been daydreaming that—I’m really only used to seeing him (shirtless) utilizing the pool at the Ranch, so my alcohol-sogged brain very well could have imagined it all….

So after awhile (time became suspended for Drunk Me at this point) we move the party to La-La Land. CLA *finally* got rid of Random Guy at this point as he was not invited to La-La Land. We’re all just hanging out and chatting and having a good time here. I swear we weren’t being loud but apparently the walls of La-La Land were thin and hotel security came by to tell us to be quiet. So we continued chatting. This is when I started feeling ill. Damn the Jaegermeister!!! At this point, I had to go pay homage to the porcelain god at La La Land. After 10 minutes or so of paying my respects, I came out just in time to see more hotel security.  All serious, I look at CLA and she says “We have to go…” Being Drunk Me, I blankly ask “Where are we going?” Now if I had been even half way sober, I would have gone to my room. That’s what the smart girls did.

But Nikki replies “We’re going to Upstairs.” To which Drunk Me happily replies “Oh Ok!” This just turned out to be a smaller version of La-La Land. But by then our numbers had dwindled and the rain had begun again, so it was a Cozy Place. We moved our little party to the balcony of Cozy Place and proceeded to chat and drink more beer. At this point the rain was pounding and my head was spinning so I had to pull up a chair and just absorb all that was happening. GC had disappeared but then reappeared at some point. I couldn’t help but think how much he reminded me of his dad and then of course started that annoying “I wish My Cowboy was here…” (My apologies to all who had to hear that whiny crap). While I was watching the rain fall, I got dizzy and decided I needed to go worship the porcelain god in the Cozy Place. After another 10 minutes of paying my respects, I go back out on the balcony and try to remember what it felt like to be sober. This was about the time CLA looked at me and said “You can go home now…” Thank you baby Jesus!!!! I was outta there as quick as Drunk Me would allow. I managed to stumble into our room and after paying quick respects to our own porcelain god, I collapsed in my bed and let it spin me into unconsciousness. CLA was….somewhere at this time. She could’ve been right beside me screaming “Fire!” and I wouldn’t have heard.

So we eventually revive ourselves in time to check out of the Marriott Sunday morning around 11. My friend had texted me about a place called El Mirador on St. Mary’s and Caesar Chavez. It’s a nice little local/non-touristy Mexican place.  CLA ordered breakfast but I HAD to have queso and chips. And enchiladas. You can’t be in San Antonio and NOT eat these things at least once. It was AMAZING!!! And I even kept *most* of it down. Well, at least until we got back to my friends’ house.  After crashing at their place for a couple hours, CLA got back on the Highway from Hell while I went back to sleep. I eventually woke up around 4 p.m.-ish and hopped on the Highway from Hell for awhile myself.

We both made it home safe and sound. All in all, it was a fun trip! I’m not a big drinker, so before ya’ll start thinking I’m an alcoholic, let me tell you I only had ONE shot. I probably did have 6-8 beera, but it was over the course of 5-6 hours and on a full stomach. So yep, I was drunk, but I’m not a hard core drunkard I promise!

So here are the things I learned this past weekend:

  • JB Mauney + Asteroid = 8 seconds of Perfection in Motion
  • ATT Center sucks for letting all of us sit in a dangerous thunderstorm with very little cover.
  • I really shouldn’t text/tweet when wigging out abut the weather. I *may* have been just a wee bit melodramatic.
  • Jagermeister + Red Bull + Drunken Me = a toilet worshipping experience
  • As much fun as it was, no more PBR without My Cowboy. All there is for me to do without him is drink…which leads to the above toilet worshipping. uggghh Never again!

Jungle Boys, Marco Polo and other random musings…

So I’ve been a bum lately and not written anything…sorry. At first, I had nothing exciting to write about. And I still don’t…well, not really. But I’ve observed a few more things about bullriders over the past couple weeks and thought I’d pass my great scientific observations along (in no particular order). Oh, and all bullriders have been given nicknames to protect their identities.

1.  You give a bullrider a cool little battery operated chainsaw, and they will trim every tree on your property—even if it means crawling on the roof and swinging from tree to tree to do it. Ok, I made up the part about swinging from tree to tree, but 50 Shades *did* crawl up on the roof to trim the trees around the house.

Crazy Little Annie: I got so twitterpated trying to comment on this I forgot what my Annie name was. 50 does manual labor? 

Platinum Annie: Yard (manual) work never looked so good. And the trimmed trees/mowed yard were nice to look at too, I suppose. 

2. They will play Marco Polo in the pool for HOURS! And I suspect they might cheat as they always seemed to intrinsically know to call “fish out of water” every time Junior Ranger got out of the pool.

3. They’re just downright pretty when they dive. I guess they get lots of practice flying through the air on some of those rank PBR bulls—it translates well into jumping off the diving board. NV is quite an accomplished swimmer and impressive off the diving board. Lucky Charms just looked pretty with his jumps/twists/dives (but don’t tell him I used the word “pretty” in a sentence w/him!).

CLA: Lucky is so little. Jumps and twists come natural when you weigh 20 pounds.

Platinum Annie:  To quote a famous Annie (namely you), “I just want to put him in my pocket and feed him Cheerios.”

4.  After a serious poolside discussion, it was decided that sun tea was the best tea, though Lucky Charms has tried some other brewed tea thanks to his beautiful girlfriend Sunny. It was funny listening to a bunch of cowboys discussing those “fancy ‘new’ teas.”  My cowboy was extolling the benefits of tea like he was a homeopathic expert. I had to go inside and get them some more tea, and by that I mean I had to go inside so they wouldn’t see me laughing at them and their conversation. I mean, seriously, I thought cowboys spent their time talking about bulls, bullriding, land, weather, women and booze.  Also, they contradicted themselves. They all agreed that none of them cared for sweet tea…yet at lunch 2 of them had ordered sweet tea. And I know my cowboy adds pink stuff to his…. However, I refrained from pointing this out due to my fear of being thrown in the pool.

5.   I had them sign a little bag from author Cat Johnson (Surprise Cat! Gonna be mailing that to you soon).   You should have seen the interest light up in 50 Shades’ eyes when I explained what kind of books Cat wrote. They were all like “So she basically writes porn about cowboys?” “And people read that?”  “Cool!!!!”  “Does she need any material?” And so on and so on.

CLA: *spits Diet Coke* ummm….no comment. Hey 50…see you in Thackerville.

6.  Oh, can I just insert here how I much I LOVE Texas heat. And by that I mean I love the fact that the cowboys at Rehab Ranchette & Laundromat run around shirtless about 95% of the time. God Bless Texas (hot weather)!

7. Their laundry is deceptively gargantuan. I realized this when folding Golden Child’s laundry last weekend. One load of cowboy’s folded clothes produced, like, 37 tshirts, 4 dozen pairs of socks, 2 dozen pairs of shorts, about a million bathing suits, and 3 pairs of boxers (which supports my theory that most cowboys usually go commando a majority of the time). Also, I have GOT to figure out what the obsession is with owning so many swimsuits….but that’ll have to be another blog.

CLA: do you realize how similar the size of this laundry list is to that of a toddler? Coincidence? I think not.

Platinum Annie: I never thought about this, but you’re absolutely right!!! I wonder if I switch out one of their bathing suits with GC’s 5 y/o nephew if anyone would notice. They’d probably just wear it…Can you envision 50 or Lucky in a Cars (the movie) swimsuit? 

8. Bullriders start really young. My cowboy pulled out VHS tapes of the Golden Child from his younger pro-youth rodeo days.  I love that my cowboy would randomly tape over stuff, so one minute we’re watching Golden Child throw a fit on Christmas morning at age 4 and then we break in with Tuff Hedeman’s youth bullriding thingee when GC was 11.  And one tape labeled bullriding had some Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel taped over on it. Now my cowboy assumed it was his daughter that must’ve taped those. Given when those shows aired and the ages of his kids at the time, I suspect Golden Child *may* have taped over his own bullridings to watch Buffy. I do not know this for sure…will have to ask. But according to my math, his big sister was probably already off at college and couldn’t have taped those shows. But to give a benefit of a doubt, maybe she taped them and took them home to watch them when she wasn’t off at school. However, since Golden Child loves the Spice Girls, I don’t think it’s such a stretch that he liked Buffy.

CLA: mmmmm…David Boreanaz. 

9.  While bullriders have their less-than-stellar qualities, overall, I have to say they’re a great group of guys. Even though all the ones hanging at the Rehab Ranchette & Laundromat are injured, they’re trying to take care of the place. They’ve trimmed trees, mowed the yard, and got the pool looking gorgeous!  They help each other out—from traveling together on the road to giving each other rides to the doctor to rehabbing in the pool (Marco Polo is very therapeutic just so you know!).

10. While certainly not always, they can be extremely thoughtful and kind. They were asking me about my daughter over the weekend (she’s deaf). NV and Lucky Charms seemed honestly interested…they didn’t seem to just be making polite conversation. I also mentioned a little cowboy I follow on FB (Tynan’s Crusade) who is battling cancer and is really sick right now. I was struck by how quick LC interrupted me with “We’re so lucky…” To paraphrase, he feels lucky because even though he hasn’t been able to get on a bull in over a year, he is still much healthier than little Tynan will ever be. NV quickly agreed with him. One of them (can’t remember who) even went on to say something to the effect of how they get to choose to ride bulls and risk the pain and suffering that can come from the injuries but kids like Tynan don’t have a choice….   I was impressed by this insight.  I can also say that any cowboy in that circle who’s been around my daughter has always been kind to her and tried to communicate with her.

So while they may be rough, lewd, obnoxious twits at times, just as often they’re kind and thoughtful. Complex, contemplative creatures, these cowboys are…  So basically they’re just like the rest of us. They have their ups and downs. Some of them are especially nice—others leans towards being assholes 98% of the time. But all in all, they’re just normal, regular guys. I don’t know if that’s disappointing or heartening to y’all… But it’s interesting. And as long as they keep giving me material, I’ll keep writing about them!

CLA: normal? You’re being kind.