About the Annies

About us–Our names come from The Pistol Annies’ social network site, the Henhouse, as we have a sick obsession with that group. Because they’re bad freaking ass. We met on a cool, crisp day in the Fall of 2010 when I (Crazy Little Annie) was obsessing over a bull rider on Twitter (shocking, we know). Platinum Annie responded and it was love at first Tweet. Many tears, laughs, shenanigans, blondeness and semi-evil plots have ensued. We love our liquor, we love our cooking, we love our shoes…and damn Sam, we love those cowboys.

Crazy Little AnnieI am very much a Texas girl with a little Los Angeles thrown in (trust me, it works). I am notorious for my love of sports (hockey and football most of all), my ability to drink copious amounts of alcohol (did someone say Malibu?) and mad internet stalking skills (you’ve been warned). I’ve been told I look and act a lot like Miranda Lambert, which is the biggest complement anyone could pay me EVER. To me that just means massive blonde hair, curves and a mouth full of sass. And I’m okay with that. I am a half-marathoner and about to take up cycling. When I am not racking up miles for training purposes, I’m racking ’em up chasing cowboys…much to my mother’s chagrin. I’m typically the handful doing tequila shots at the bar, listening to Randy Rogers Band and more than likely setting a bad example. Somebody has to, right?

Platinum Annie–Some call me their Fairy Cowboy Godmother, others call me “Marilyn” (I used to enter Marilyn Monroe look-a-like contests back in the day). I’ve also been called Sex on Heels on more than one occasion. My boyfriend calls me Carr-whee to piss me off and my daughter just calls me Mom. On most days, I prefer to think of myself as Wonder Woman, though in reality, I look more like Eva Gabor on Green Acres and act more like Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy. I love high heels even more than Fletcher’s Corny Dogs at the Texas State Fair (and that’s saying a lot!). I hope y’all will join me and Crazy Little Annie for insight into our hijinks/escapades/shenanigans. We may not be famous, but we’re damn entertaining!


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