5 Signs…

6 Signs you may be addicted to Cowboy Erotica:

1. Your Amazon suggested recommendations include nothing but Cowboy Erotica.

2. You feel like you’re cheating on your cowboys when your read Cat’s Red, Hot & Blue Series instead of her Studs & Spurs.

3. Your husbands (or significant others or even your friends) say “…all you need is a Cat Johnson/Lorelei James book and you’ll be set.” (not that I’m picking on Dee & Shannon here…hehehe)

4. The person you have nicknamed 50 Shades wears boots and rides bulls (when not shirtless & trimming trees).

5. While researching Texas land legal documents from the 1850’s at work, you jot down potential names for Cat & Lorelei to use for their cowboys in the future and make a mental note to tweet the names to them later.

6. You name your newest cupcake invention Cowboy Cocksucker. (Shannon!)

You Know You’re Addicted to Cowboys When…

  • Certain sounds turn you on–For example, spurs clinking as he walks across a room or the sound a Dodge Cummins engine makes when firing up,
  • While you may not like dipping as a general rule, you’re glad that the Skoal ring gives you a semi-legit reason to stare at his butt
  • Chaps…enough said.
  • You feel torn between your loyalty to Wrangler butts and Cinch butts.
  • <<<<insert your addiction here

Ok ya’ll, let’s play along. What turns you on about cowboy erotica or cowboys in general. Inquiring minds wanna know. So share away!


6 thoughts on “5 Signs…

  1. My name is Dee & I am an addict! Thanks you so very much! I needed that laugh today!! You can pick on me anytime! “I love to hear my name inside a southern drawl, a man who takes his time, ya know what I mean y’all…. Cowboys are my weakness, give me some down home southern sweetness”

  2. oohhh, too many things to name, wranglers, leather, levis, leather chaps, skoal rings, leather, saddles, leather, rope, leather, take charge yet soft spoken dom attitudes, leather…. did i mention leather?

  3. Well, we all know I have a serious addiction to Cowboy Erotica….and I think Chris makes me Shiver should be trademarked….I have a ringtone of the arena announcement “This is not a rodeo! It’s the one and only P! B! R!…
    My biggest cowboy weakness is my man…all decked out in his boots, jeans & that sexy as sin cowboy hat…makes me hot n wet faster than Chicken on a Chain bucks off a rookie!
    And I do believe I’m workin on naming a couple more cupcakes….but you can rest assured there will be a big batch of Cowboy Cocksucker Cupcakes headed for Nashville in September!

  4. I know i’m addicted because I live in Los Angeles, have no knowledge of the cowboy world other than Lorelei and Cat Johnson and yet I’ve been spending an unhealthy amount of time on the PBR website. Sad but true.

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