Conversations with friends…

So I think we may have to start a category like our Quote of the Day but with conversations with our friends. I was having a text convo this morning with the original cowboy fairy godmother and it went like this:

CFG: “Spent the night with a young one….(insert triple X stuff here)…yummy.”

Me: Whoo Hoo! How young was this young ‘un?

CFG: 25 (background info for our readers: This means we were almost through junior high when this boy was born)

Me: Jeez! Did you feed him cheerios afterwards?

Me cont.’: Or did you just put him down for his nap time?

CFG: Hell no, I went to sleep. He got up and ate a sandwich.

Me: That sounds about right (read: typical man)

I love my friends! And CFG is someone whose awesomeness I can only aspire to.


2 thoughts on “Conversations with friends…

  1. To be more accurate I was a freshman in high school when the young ‘un was born…. But the “cougar” is in hear me roar (he did last night) :))

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