50 Shades of Blue…

Tonight I was going to write a post about my weekend at Rehab Ranchette & Laundromat (& Diner & Entertainment Complex) with Crazy Lil Annie. However, I started my periodical mental debate over which is better–Wrangler or Cinch? Does Panhandle Slim play a role at all? And do we really care as long as we get to see starched blue denim stretched across some fine cowboy flesh?

Finally, I have created this post in order to help CLA…she’s not feeling well. Now while some friends might take their sick loved ones chicken soup, I’m doing my own version of Chicken Soup for the Soul…via this ode to 50 shades of denim–that’s way better for the soul, right?

First, let’s start with King George. He’s always been a Wranglers man:


<<Dreamy Sigh>>> We LOVE us some King George here at Rehab Ranch. And Wranglers have always looked amazing on him!

Crazy Little Annie: If it wasn’t for Texas…

Next up is a nice Wrangler shot I found on Wrangler’s FB page. Yummy! Did I say that out loud?


I love creased Wrangers…and work boots.

Next up is one of my favorite PBR riders, the 2008 World Champion Guilherme Marchi.


*I* personally think he’s a World Champion Wrangler-wearer….but that’s just me.

Speaking of PBR riders who wear Wranglers, here’s a picture of Chris Shrivers and Mike White. Two PBR classics in classic blues:

So just when you’re starting to think “Wow! Who needs other jean choices?”  Meet Cinch jeans:

CLA: where is the like button for this picture?

‘Nuff said. This picture features CBR riders that Cinch sponsors.  CBR never looked so good!  (CLA: we need to get to a CBR event) But if you’re not convinced, meet Brendan Clark, PBR Bullrider from Australia who wears his sponsor Cinch with lots of pride:

And here’s me taking that picture of Brendan’s backside. Soooo busted!

Just in case you need any more convincing, here’s one more shot of Brendan’s sponsored product. Can this man streeetttccchhh or what?

And now for a round of “Guess what type of jeans these are?”




Okay, quit your drooling… (this is more of a stern note to self than an admonishment of ya’ll)

Anyway….what was I talking about? Oh yeah, are Wranglers or Cinch better? In the end, I guess I always come back to a more important question than Wrangler vs. Cinch. I always end up thinking “Does is really matter?”  I mean, can’t we just appreciate the diversity within the bluejean world? I think we can… At the end of the day, all that matters is that the 50 Shades of Blue fit the cowboys wearing them right. Don’t you agree?   >The End<

Okay, okay….I can’t resist. Here’s a parting shot. hehehe

Butt wait, Crazy Little Annie has something to add (shocking): this was nice to wakeup to. Most importantly, I no longer have to wait for the perfect op to use my curerent absolutely, positively favorite obsession picture:

 Oh freaking Canada. Is it Labor Day Weekend yet?


Happy National Tequila Day!

Happy National Tequila Day, readers! Crazy Little Annie loves her some tequila. Joe Nichols even wrote a song about it. You wanna hear it, here it go:

Though Kenny best sums up how I feel about it these days:

“When it comes to you
Oh, the damage I could do
It’s always your favorite sins
That do you in…”

*sigh* anyway…as much as I love a good tequila shot, it’s either gonna make my clothes fall of or I get fired up and cry. One never knows which way  it will go. But this sums it up well:

I think I am still missing bits and pieces from a night the RR gang spent out on the town a few weeks ago. The last time I did tequila, no less. Whoops.

5 Signs…

6 Signs you may be addicted to Cowboy Erotica:

1. Your Amazon suggested recommendations include nothing but Cowboy Erotica.

2. You feel like you’re cheating on your cowboys when your read Cat’s Red, Hot & Blue Series instead of her Studs & Spurs.

3. Your husbands (or significant others or even your friends) say “…all you need is a Cat Johnson/Lorelei James book and you’ll be set.” (not that I’m picking on Dee & Shannon here…hehehe)

4. The person you have nicknamed 50 Shades wears boots and rides bulls (when not shirtless & trimming trees).

5. While researching Texas land legal documents from the 1850’s at work, you jot down potential names for Cat & Lorelei to use for their cowboys in the future and make a mental note to tweet the names to them later.

6. You name your newest cupcake invention Cowboy Cocksucker. (Shannon!)

You Know You’re Addicted to Cowboys When…

  • Certain sounds turn you on–For example, spurs clinking as he walks across a room or the sound a Dodge Cummins engine makes when firing up,
  • While you may not like dipping as a general rule, you’re glad that the Skoal ring gives you a semi-legit reason to stare at his butt
  • Chaps…enough said.
  • You feel torn between your loyalty to Wrangler butts and Cinch butts.
  • <<<<insert your addiction here

Ok ya’ll, let’s play along. What turns you on about cowboy erotica or cowboys in general. Inquiring minds wanna know. So share away!

Conversations with friends…

So I think we may have to start a category like our Quote of the Day but with conversations with our friends. I was having a text convo this morning with the original cowboy fairy godmother and it went like this:

CFG: “Spent the night with a young one….(insert triple X stuff here)…yummy.”

Me: Whoo Hoo! How young was this young ‘un?

CFG: 25 (background info for our readers: This means we were almost through junior high when this boy was born)

Me: Jeez! Did you feed him cheerios afterwards?

Me cont.’: Or did you just put him down for his nap time?

CFG: Hell no, I went to sleep. He got up and ate a sandwich.

Me: That sounds about right (read: typical man)

I love my friends! And CFG is someone whose awesomeness I can only aspire to.

With all the talk of rodeo and cowboys, of course I thought of you…

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from one of my LA girls (also named Nikki, which means she’s fabulous) with the subject line “Random and possibly inappropriate question”.

Of course my first thought was, okay…you’ve got my attention.

This email asked if 1. I’d read 50 Shades of Grey and 2. If I had enjoyed it and since I like rodeo (read: cowboys), had I heard of the Rough Riders series. Huh, well that’s funny. The author, Lorelei James, is going on a girls trip I’m taking for PBR Nashville in September. So, yeah…I might have heard of it. And I might be about to start book six in the series, but it’s whatever.

Her response?

“With all the talk about rodeos and cowboys, of course I thought of you.  That’s so cool that you’re going to meet her.  Maybe you can become a character in her next book!! ”

Go ahead readers, have a field day with that. Cause I know you will. I am looking at you, Shannon.

Platinum Annie:  I think you could teach Lorelei a thing or six… Sidenote: When I read Cat Johnson books I think of either myself or Nikki at some various stage in our life. It’s like that woman lives in our drunken memories.

Anyhow, I got another email from Nikki today. She’s apparently flown through the Rough Riders series and is “ready to start dressing her husband in wranglers and a cowboy hat and tell him to call her Little Darlin’”

Please note her husband reminds me of Kelly Slater, the professional (and hot) surfer. So I’d pay money to see that, but moving on…

She seems to be very excited about all of my upcoming PBR-related trips (I don’t think I’ve told here there are THREE of them, she might explode). These were her words of advice:

1. While at the PBR, if you meet a cowboy with the last name McKay, for the love of god sleep with him!  I don’t care if it’s just one night, it will apparently be mind blowing and worth whoring it up for the night

If I meet a real-life McKay, it won’t be just for one night, Little Darlin’. You can bet on THAT.

PA: hmmmm…. I haven’t met a McKay, but I’ve met McOneNightStand and McFling and (sorry, protecting the names of the naughty)  Side note: McFling rocked my world. <dreamy sigh> Now there’s a night worthy of plotting in one of Lorelei’s or Cat’s books.

2. Don’t be afraid of ropes or bull whips

I got this.

PA:  Yes, ropes and whips are easier to handle than handcuffs and chains…or so I hear. Horse reins work nicely too. Wait, did I say that out loud? Snap!

3. Take lots and lots of pictures because I want to see these cowboys!

Um, I’ll see what I can do.

PA: 1) Wait, what?  Pictures of your night with 50? Wouldn’t that be a bit tmi to give to a friend? Cuz we know they’d be porno pics.

2) Do we need to discuss the rule about no photographic evidence that can come back to haunt you, Crazy  Little Annie? 

3) Oh wait, does she just mean pictures of hot cowboys? Cuz we can get her those while visiting Rehab Ranchette & Laundromat–no event necessary.

CLA: or…4) WTH have you met me?! No photographic evidence EVER. And you know I’m not allowed to “put anything on the computer”. *eye roll* She just means pictures of the cowboys. We gots those. 


Anyhow, Nikki’s parting words were…”girl, if I would’ve known about this earlier, I would’ve set my college major to buckle bunny.”

PA: Yes, if I’d only know not to waste my youth playing with the Dallas kinda cowboys and had discovered real cowboys sooner…. Snap! There I go again writing things out loud! 

Damn, I love my friends.

PA: I love your friend too. And I love us. The End.

Inquiring minds want to know…

Crazy Little Annie: wait…what manners?