Quotes of the Day….

Crazy Little Annie and I are on a roll today.   Here are some goodies for today:

“Oh if only all of life’s problems could be solved with hairspray, mascara and vodka.”

“I see champagne and something with melted cheese involved.”

“I wish Ross’s event wasn’t way-the-hell-in-nowhere…”

” I read that tweet and was like, excuse me while I pick my clothes off the floor.”

“All this talk about sexuality and women’s lib is making my ovaries hurt. Or maybe it’s pms.”

” I could only deal with her if lots of booze is involved. ”

“We DO NOT have to be nice to her….well, only as civil as our Southern roots force us to be.”

” I need cupcakes in my life like you need a man.”

“you’ll at least get a cupcake tomorrow! I might get a man by 2015.”

“Worst case scenario: You may have to go work in a winery as a taste tester & risk being called a wino.”

And that’s just today’s comments! Have I mentioned how much  love us? Cuz we’re awesome! Admit it, at least one of those comments brought a smile to your face.


One thought on “Quotes of the Day….

  1. Just reminded me of my twitterisms I posted today…. Last time I stepped on the scale naked, it said “ewww..I didn’t need to see that.”…and then yelled “get off me bitch! you’re squishin me!”….

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