Prince wrote a song about it…

And no, I ain’t talking about Darling Nikki! Since I’ve NEVER been called that. But this one, right here…wanna hear it, here it go…

Platinum Annie and I have discussed Pussy Control (not the song, the actual thing) quite a bit this week. The lesson of the day (#LOTD) today is, never underestimate the power of the pussy. It can do many magical things. It can get men to participate in a woman’s scheme unknowingly, it can cause a man to show up somewhere he wasn’t supposed to be until the next day or stay in a relationship that makes me want to bang my  head up against a wall…basically it can cause a man to go desperate and stupid. Without knowing it. And it’s AWESOME. But we’ve not always been aware, or at least open, about this. You know, about sex. And that we like it. And we use it.

We are all familiar with the Sexual Revolution that started in the 60s and continued into the 80s. And of course there is Women’s Lib and feminist movements that have morphed along generations. Although this has been an integral part of women’s history, there is still room for improvement in many areas. I’m not going to get into salary differences and the long list of other double standards. I am just talking about sexuality in general. And in my personal opinion, nothing did more for modern-day women being open about their sexuality than Sex and the City. Between the words that came out of Samantha’s mouth and the Rabbit making its appearance, it was ON.

Now fast forward to 2012.

I am fully convinced this is the year men must accept that we are just as filthy as they are. And we are much smarter about it.

I do not want to get into an argument over 50 Shades here, as that’s not what we’re here for and we like to keep things happy, happy, happy. But I personally loved it and much like when SATC was new, women are talking again…and talking dirty.

And today? Today is opening day of Magic Mike. And we are taking out 50 Shades of Filthy right to the box office. I’ve been in the movie business for 16 years, so I know a thing or two. I know that this industry is still ran by ignorant old geezers, which means there aren’t enough prints of MM out there. They didn’t think it would do well. So, Ted will more than likely win by default based on print count, but it’s going to be extremely close.

And that?

That’s Pussy Control.

You’re welcome. 

You *know* I (Platinum Annie) had to weigh in on this subject:

Part of me wants to go into the fact that the sexual revolution started WAY before the 60s….We were actually not near as repressed in the 1920s as we were in the 1950s (a lot of great women’s erotica came out in the 20s). But that’s a whole other history lesson/blog.  I think we’ve come far enough that SOCIETY–both men AND other women should accept our sexual revolution and embrace it this year. Unfortunately, who have I seen protest the most about “Magic Mike”—WOMEN!  From what I’ve seen on FB anyway…  But this is a happy place, so I won’t get into any arguments… Except for:

Seriously????  When you have the choice of watching a teddy bear take on lifelike characteristics such as drinking beer and using a public urinal OR watch hot guys take off their clothes….This seems to be a no-brainer. Those movie people need to hire Rehab Ranch as consultants. And who the hell thought up this movie? Seems to me that a twisted screenwriter whose mommy locked him in the closet got a little too attached to his teddy bear, did an acid trip and came up with this plotline. And big movie people honestly think this will out-sell Magic Mike (shaking head)????  What kinda crack are they smoking?

Crazy Little Annie comment:  it’s from the creator of Family Guy, hence why it will do well.

Personally, I did not get into 50 Shades… but to each her own. I prefer the naughty novels of Cat Johnson and I’ve been told I need to download some Lorelei James ASAP.  I’d like to see “Magic Mike”…don’t know if I’ll be able to or not….may just have to amuse myself watching half-naked cowboys run around instead.

Crazy Little Annie comment: hell, I read them all. I’m equal opportunity when it comes to written smut. Not ashamed.

So let me just put it out there… I am a grown woman. And I like sex. I like to read erotic novels and look at half naked men–whether on the big screen or in real life. And I’m not ashamed of it. I’d love to hear from our sister Annies and how ya’ll feel about the subject. Who’s with me?? Let’s make 2012 the Year of Women (and their Sexuality). Who else is loud and proud? Please reply.

 Crazy Little Annie comment: ooh, ooh me me! I wrote a blog about it!


8 thoughts on “Prince wrote a song about it…

    • bahahaha Yep! That was a Freudian slip if I ever read one. But it makes me wonder about the men who will watch that movie…

      • they are watching the movie because they are going to get laid by the woman they took to the movie as she pretends he is one of the very hot, almost naked men in the movie. Any man alive would be stupid not to take his woman to that movie or at least ply her & her girlfriends with liqour & then pay for them to watch the movie.

  1. As a girl who was raised Catholic, went to Cahtolic school and spent much of her younger years repressed by the teachings that we should be ashamed of our sexuality, Let me just say….I AM SOOOOOO OVER THAT!!! I take pride in the fact that after 21 years of marriage (yes, to the same man), a hysterectomy and suffering menopause way too early….My sex life is so much better than it was many years ago!
    I credit a great portion of this to my choice of reading material and the fact that I have some dear friends who are not afraid to discuss the taboo subject of sex out in th open (thanks ladies!) I am a firm believer that every woman has a little bit of that sexual wild child inside of her…you just have to find the right man to release it with. My man has just as much appreciation for my choice of reading material (if not more) than I do…I often receive the “holy hell! where did you learn that one??” comment..only to reply with the name of a book I just read. I’ve been known to read out loud during a road trip & make him drive off the road 🙂
    My ob/gyn has also asked if menopause has caused a decrease in my sex drive…my response is “No!! You should try reading some Cat Johnson, Lorelei James, Desiree Holt, Shayla Black, stacy Espino books”. She is now a huge fan of all and recommends the same “menopausal therapy” to her patients/friends. LOL
    I, for one, say BRING IT ON AND BRING IT OUT IN THE OPEN!! I’m not afraid to take charge and tell my man what I want or need, and now I have amany ideas on exactly which position to use to accomplish it! #girl power

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