My take on 5 ways to beat the heat…

So I’m reading this story on called “5 Tips to Survive Extreme Heat” (found here) I feel the need to re-work this from a Rehab Ranch point of view. So here’s the 5 tips listed from the article, with my interpretations:

1. Hydration is key

Hydrating at frequent intervals is critical, rather than waiting until you’re at your maximum thirst.

Platinum Annie’s take: Yep! We’re all for hydration here at Rehab Ranch. We recommend. We recommend beer, tequila, voka and rum as four major sources…

2. Drink cool – not cold – water

Platinum Annie: Water, wait what? Are we talking about the pool? Cuz yeah, you don’t want freezing cold water in the pool necessarily. Of course, I don’t recommend drinking pool water. At ALL.

(Seriously, though, we promote getting plenty of water here at Rehab Ranch. It’s the one healthy thing I possibly do…)

3. Start early

If you’re working outside, make every effort to start before the sun comes up or at least before it’s reached its peak.

Platinum Annie: I vote you just call in sick and go swimming if you have to be outside at all.

4. Stay wet

Platinum Annie: That’s what HE said to me last night… Wait…what?   Ohhhh….they were talking about how if you stop sweating, you may be getting heat stroke. Yeah that’s bad. Again, I vote for jumping in the pool and/or drinking a tasty ice-cold beverage.

5. Dress strategically

(The article discusses wearing long sleeved light colored clothing.)

Platinum Annie: We here at Rehab Ranch endorse running around half-naked as our dress strategy for the summer. Just wear sunscreen. And if any hot cowboys need me to rub it on their back…

And there you have it. You can read the article if you want the “experts” suggestions.  I think mine are better though. Anyone else have any suggestions? Please share below!


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