Quote of the day…

We often have a quotable moment as we converse throughout the day (thank you Yahoo Messenger). Here is today’s QOTD:  “Yep! I’m sure he cares for her….like he cares for sex on a regular basis and like he cares for something harder than beer on occassion…but that ain’t love!”

You KNOW Crazy Little Annie got a comment about this: Hell no that ain’t love. That’s pussy control. And she’s too young to know how to wield it right. Bless her heart, I bet she writes their names together in her notebook at night and uses hearts to dot the Is. #vomit

Platinum Annie response: Oh, to be young and dumb again. <sigh> D & I made a pact that if I ever do/say/write anything gushy stupid about us that he will kill me.  I can only hope he’ll be true to that and put me out of my misery if I gush publicly like that.


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